Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's visitor season!!

We've had a lovely, busy past couple of months with visits from dear friends and family. Lots of beach time, exploring, whale watching and enjoying each others company! Busy, but wonderful!
Here are a few photos of our time together:

Whale watching out of Lahaina - it's peak season for the humpback whales that come here to mate and give birth each winter. It was whale soup out there!

Fun at the beach! 

The cousins had so much fun together.

Bella was very disappointed that she wouldn't be celebrating her birthday with her cousins this year, so we had an early birthday party!

After Jill left (she was here for 2 weeks), the kids and I and Mom and Dad did a fantastic, all day boat trip. First stop, snorkeling at Molokini (amazing!) then over to Lana'i where we encountered a big pod of spinner dolphins. What a treat! They were leaping and spinning and bow-riding.... Awesome!

Also saw some humpback whales that day. A fabulous trip... I'd highly recommend that one!

Grandma love.

Looking for shells at Ho'okipa beach.
Now everyone has gone back home and we're back to just our little family!