Friday, March 19, 2010

sea shells

We've got 3 little sickies in the house today, so we're laying low, taking it easy. I found these shells in the cupboard and we spent a long time looking at them, sorting them into groups, comparing them, etc. A good way to pass some time! I just love sea shells. They are definitely one of my favorite things. They hold the energy of the ocean and take me back to the beauty of the sea.

Big shells are beautiful and impressive, but it's the tiny ones that I love. When I used to guide sea kayaking trips, I would spend any free time sorting through the sand and shells, collecting the smallest, most perfect ones I could find.

The spiral is my favorite symbol, and I particularly love finding it in nature. Sea shells are so often a spiral shape.

These shells all hold beautiful memories of time spent at the ocean!


  1. lovely shells. Perfect treasures to remind you of your time spent at the ocean!