Sunday, May 29, 2011

another day in paradise!

We've been spending lots of time down at the creek that runs right behind our campsite. It's the same creek that we enjoyed at Slide Rock State Park  - Oak Creek. Before I get to today, here are a couple of photos from our afternoon at Slide Rock. It was such a fun place!

The creek is the kid's favorite place to be around here. Our campsite is right in front of the path leading down to it, so we're regulars there! It's shady, cool, and there's water! What else could you ask for when you're in the hot desert?!

Sweet time with the kids, playing in and enjoying nature. Taking time to breathe.

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  1. So glad you're taking/making time for some S L O W time during this trip. I know from our own trips that those are always the times the kinds love (and remember) most. That creek looks like SO much fun, I can see why Zara is enjoying it so much.