Monday, July 25, 2011

summer fun (sun or no sun!)

It's been a lovely break to be out of the motorhome for a few weeks! As much as we love being on the road, we're enjoying having a bit more space around us and just being in one place for awhile! It's been an unusually cool summer in the Okanagan but we're making the most of it and enjoying every moment. We've all been enjoying the pool at my folks. We're out there almost every day, sometimes all day if the weather is nice!

Bella has learned to swim without flotation and is LOVING the feeling of floating through the water. She's an absolute fish and spends HOURS at a time in the pool.

Thor's loving the water too! Especially if he's in the pool with his mom or dad!

We're so happy to be in the Okanagan during fruit season! We gorged on fresh strawberries for a couple of weeks. We picked 3 times and froze lots for the summer and just filled our bellies with the rest. I've been totally inspired by my friend's blog and all of her yummy recipes and ideas for strawberries! We ate strawberry shortcake and strawberry fool for dessert on quite a few occasions... yum! Now strawberries are done and we're filling up on cherries. The kids have had cherry belly (tummy aches) a few times lately! But it's so hard to stop eating these juicy delights once you start!

Bella sporting some cherry earrings!

We hit the basil jackpot last weekend, so turned it into LOTS of delicious pesto! We've been enjoying it on everything ...fresh bread, pizza, pasta, polenta.... it turns an ordinary meal into something extraordinary!

There are lots of these beauties flying around the yard at this time of year. We love watching them. This one was so intent on the nectar it was drinking that it paid no attention to us watching it. Thor was absolutely enthralled!

We had a picnic on the boat this past weekend. It was busy and wavy, but nice to be on the lake. Only John was brave enough to jump in! The rest of us are waiting for a warmer day and calmer water!

It's been a great summer so far! We're planning to enjoy another week here, then will hit the road again at the beginning of August. I'll keep you posted!

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