Saturday, October 22, 2011

Recent days

We enjoyed a little piece of paradise the other day! This is a beach on the east side of the island called Murphy's beach, also known as Mile 20 beach. We spent the day here with a lovely family we met last week from Vancouver. We spent almost every day this past week doing something fun with them! It was so nice to have some new friends to explore with. They had 2 kids that Bella and Thor really enjoyed playing with.

The snorkeling was great here. And the spot itself was magical. I felt like I was at the quintessential "South Pacific" beach. The water was warm and there was shade under the tree! We ate, snorkeled, lounged, visited, checked out the birds and spiders in the tree, and just relaxed. Our new friends left the next day. We miss you guys!

Today we went to the Saturday Market in Kaunakakai. The kids wanted to try some fresh coconut water...mmmmm, so yummy! When we were done drinking the water the vendor cracked open the coconuts with his machete and we brought them home to eat. The market is tiny! But we bought some mangos, a HUGE watermelon and some passionfruit.

Bella eating a passionfruit at the beach.

This is the closest swimming beach to our place so we go here often. It's got a Hawaiian name but locals call it Dixie Maru (a ship by that name sunk off the point here). We just call it Dixie! It's a lovely, safe little beach and the water is warm. Bella and Zara snorkeled there today for the first time and saw lots of neat fish.

This was my anniversary present to myself! I saw it at the market in town last week and couldn't stop thinking about it. So today I bought it and LOVE it! We arrived here on Molokai on Oct. 12th, which happened to be our 12th anniversary. We got married in Maui so it seemed fitting that I should have a plumaria ring to mark the occasion!

This little frog hangs out in our bird bath with his friends each night. We saw them tonight while we were out watching the stars.

It's been another good day. We're all settling in well except Thor. No surprise really as he's generally the one who has the hardest time adjusting to change. He's just having a really tough time, missing friends and family and missing the familiarity of life "in Canada". "I just want to go back to Canada" he laments often.  I realized last night that he needs more quality time with John and I individually in order to feel safe and secure and adjusted. We'll make that a priority starting tomorrow.

Good night!


  1. Love the ring!! its so perfect for you!! xM

  2. Jacq, yes, very pretty ring and very fitting. Happy 10th :)
    Sorry to hear it has been hard for Thor, I guess that is why he was so keen to talk to jasper, it was so cute listening on speaker phone to him trying to think of things to tell Jasper, very grown up! Passion fruit out of the skin on the beach sounds like my idea of paradise, lucky bella! XO jb

  3. I can almost feel that soft island breeze on my skin just by looking at your photos. Very tempting. ;-)

    E also loves passionfruit (the rest of us not as much). Has B had any rambutans yet? Those are E's favourites.

  4. Can't wait to come visit you! Love Uncle David