Friday, November 11, 2011

What I love about right now

Last week my beautiful cousin sent me a link to a very inspiring blog post about helping to instill gratitude in our kids by taking the time to see the wonder in all the little thing around us. If you have a few minutes, you can read the post here. You'll be glad you did! I've been thinking about this a lot lately. In our family each night before dinner, we join hands around the table and take time to share a couple of things that we're thankful for at the moment or about our day. I love hearing the kids express their thankfulness and am constantly amazed by the things they share. It's probably one my favorite times of the day and I have been feeling inspired to add more of those moments throughout the day. Yesterday I read Heather's blog and she shared some of the things that she is loving right now. It's been on my mind so much these days that today I'm going to share my list!

You know what I love about right now?

A counter full of fresh, tropical, LOCAL fruit.

Smoothies made with all that delicious fruit.

Watching my kids enjoy it!

One of the bonuses about the rainy season (besides everything turning green again!) is the rainbows. We see them daily, sometimes many times in the day. The sun comes up behind our house so the rainbows are right out in front over the ocean. Last night we saw the most amazing thing... a rainbow by the light of the full moon! John was outside and saw it, called us all out and we marvelled at the full arc of a nightime rainbow. It was so bright it some places that we could see every color.

A rainbow of colorful clothing hanging on the line.

Playing my ukulele. It feels so good to be making music and singing again!

Sea shells!
 I love collecting them on the beach and love looking at them on our kitchen counter.

Zara and I spent some time at the beach collecting shells on her birthday and we had a lovely conversation about gratitude. We talked about not looking for shells with the attitude of "What will I find to take home today?" but rather with a spirit of awe and gratitude for the beauty of Mother Nature. When we find a shell that calls out to us, we say a little prayer of thanks for such a beautiful gift. I find the beauty and the individual design of each shell absolutely awe-inspiring.

Veggies growing.
Yesterday the kids and I went outside and sat down beside this tray of snap peas and nibbled on the shoots, delighting in the freshness and the luxury of being able to eat them this way. We planted lots more in the garden that we'll let grow big enough to produce peas, but we'll just continue to graze on these ones!

So much to be grateful for!


  1. Everything looks so beautiful, J! Those shells are amazing. It's funny how some beaches on the islands seem to have so much better beach combing than others. You and Z have hit the jackpot. Is there lots of driftwood too? The boys loved Kauai just for the amount of driftwood on the beaches because they could build amazing beach huts.

    There really is just SO much to be grateful for, isn't there. Life is so good!

  2. Just got caught up with your blog again - It is fascinating how much more aware of things around us when we are new to a place - loved sharing all you are observing. Life is beautiful :) lv Marj

  3. wow! looks so warm and wonderful! Blessings from chilly Kelowna!

  4. I start smiling as soon as I see your newest photos, J. So very happy that you have a found a place that you're enjoying so much. Life provides so much beauty, we just have to have the "eyes" to see it and the wisdom to be thankful for it. I'm thankful that you're sharing your joys with us.
    Seeing a ukelele takes me back... music class at my school was about learning to play this instrument (it was the only instrument our SD budget could afford). I remember learning to play "Yellow Bird" way back when, but I know I've forgotten it all since then. lol