Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finding peace in the midst of chaos

This past week has been so busy! Virgil (owner of this house) shipped down a big container full of stuff from Alaska for the house and property, so we've been unpacking, sorting and reorganizing. The house has been turned upside down as renos were done and furniture moved around. When things get crazy busy or hectic, my intention is always to find peace in the midst of chaos. Sometime's it happens, other times it doesn't! Rainbows help!

The kids decided to paint coconuts. They are a work in progress as layers of paint need to dry before adding the next details. A fun project!

We've been having fun experimenting with the wood fire oven. We went to two Thanksgiving potlucks last week and we took this yummy spelt foccacia to one of them.

Cinnamon buns!

Sunsets are glorious here. No matter what we're doing, we always stop to admire the beauty.

A few days ago Zara told me she needed some one on one time with me, so today we went on a little adventure. We rode our bikes on a trail south of here for about 30 minutes to an old abandoned tent camp. It was so peaceful and beautiful. Gorgeous beach and amazing shells - two of our favorite things!

I love the spirals found in nature!

Zara just about tripped over this Monk Seal! It blended in with the sand just perfectly! These seals are found only in Hawaii and are an endangered species. Zara has been wanting to see one ever since we arrived so she was thrilled today to get a good look at this one.

We could have stayed here all day! We'll definitely be going back. Only next time we'll just hike in! We both ended up with flat tires on our bikes from the Kiewe trees (pronouced kee-a-vay) - a super spikey, thorny tree that grows all over here and is treacherous for bike tires but even more so for barefeet!

My folks arrive for a visit tomorrow - the kids have been counting the days! We can't wait to show them our new home and take them on some adventures. Fun days ahead!


  1. What a beautiful spot! Seals and shells!
    I see some pesto on that pizza which reminds me how much we have been enjoying yours...on chicken and on all our cooked veggies...makes everything taste so good.

    jb x0

  2. Looks AMAZING, so lucky to see the seal!!! LOVE reading your blog Jacq, brings me back down to earth. <3 love you guys loads.