Thursday, April 5, 2012

A special day in pictures

Bella and Thor are 5!

 Toddlers no longer.... they are blossoming into amazing, adventurous, thoughtful, funny, independant "big kids".

They got an early start on their birthday when some wonderful packages from Gram and Gramps arrived at the post office the day before.

They have had hours of enjoyment painting these glass stones.Whatever they paint on the flat backside is magnified when viewed through the curved side.... we're going to turn them into magnets.

Their birthday morning started with a yummy pancake breakfast (orange yogurt hotcakes from the rebar cookbook! our new favorite!)

Trying to be patient as breakfast is prepared!

Singing along... "Happy Birthday dear Bella!"

Making a birthday wish.

Barbie dolls from big sister (a garage sale find that will be left behind when we leave!)

Some birthday bling... also from big sister! It matches her teddy perfectly!

Having fun with some new birthday blocks - these ones have magnets in them which adds a new twist to building!

Is it just me? Or is there something really lovely about a brand new box of crayons....  I don't know if it's the newness... the sharp points on them all.... or the amazing array of colors..... or both?

A swim in the pool at the nearby condos.

Birthday ice cream by the ocean!

A quiet moment to take in the view.

 Bella came to hula with me later in the afternoon and had a cake there, while Thor had a nice afternoon at home with Dad. It was a good day!

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  1. Hi Jacqueline, Happy Birthday to the little monkeys! What brand are those blocks?? They are SO cool. Lucien would LOVE those.