Saturday, August 18, 2012

Living the dream!

Wow! Time flies! We've been back in B.C. now for a month already.... catching up with friends and family, 2 weeks of swimming lessons, lots of time in the pool, eating lots of Okanagan fruit - cherries, berries, peaches, apricots, yum! - some beach time, recovering from reverse culture shock!  It was quite shocking to leave our quiet, peaceful life in Molokai and come back to a BUSY summer in Kelowna. But we're adjusting and settling back in.

Right now we are in Vancouver with my sister Leah. We all drove down together on Thursday and dropped John off at the border to begin his bike ride to California. We were very sad to say good-bye but are excited that he's living his dream! He'll camp along the way and have an amazing adventure no doubt! We'll fly down to meet him in Santa Maria mid-September - we're already looking forward to the reunion!

Zara testing out the recumbant bike while John gets ready to start his long journey. 

The kids are having a great time with their cousins! 

Waterplay in the backyard

Fun at Buntzen Lake - just 15 minutes from Leah's house!

Ruby and Bella on the trampoline

We had an amazing time at the UBC Botanical Gardens doing the treetop walk. Suspension bridges hung between the trees, all on tension settings with no damage to the trees.... up to 70 ft. above the ground. So much fun we went through the course twice! 

After the treetop walk we spent a bit of time at Spanish Banks... a beach near UBC that I had always wanted to see. I guess we've been so spoiled by the beaches in Hawaii that none of us wanted to stay for too long! We were a bit turned off by the brown water but there were hundreds of locals hanging out and enjoying the ocean on a hot sunny day!

Then our adventures took us to Granville Island where the kids enjoyed the "Kids Market" and we got some yummy food to eat for supper while watching all the action in False Creek - kayakers, stand up paddle boarders, yachts, sailboats... a busy place on a gorgeous afternoon.

We were happy to hear from John last night, texting us to say he had arrived in Port Townsend. He spent the first night in Anacortes and had breakfast with his grandma the next morning. We will be following his journey on the map and putting a white light around him daily, sending him love and light for a safe adventure. Any light you can send him would be greatly appreciated!

We're all well.... enjoying life.... big love and hugs to all our friends far away!


  1. Yay! John is in my "ray" often. Here's hoping his adventure is better than he can even imagine. Love that he's doing this! And love the love between you all!!!!! yay yay yay!!!

  2. Lots of adventures! Sounds like you're having fun this summer and if those smiling faces are anything to go by... ;o)

    Wow. Wishing John a safe and enriching journey. Here's to following dreams! Wahoo!