Saturday, December 29, 2012

A tour of Paia

Today Zara and I went for a walk into the sweet little town of Paia (pronounced Pa-ee-a). I took my camera and lots of photos, with the intention of sharing this lovely place with you.
Come along with us and we'll give you a tour!  
This is our new rental place. (Zara likes the saying "home is where my mom is" so we're calling it home!) The owner has converted the garage into an apartment and lives there with his 9 yr old daughter. So far so good! 

The entrance into our subdivision. (Pronounced koo-ow)

A cute little shop selling high end home decor items. Some lovely things made on island.

One of the many surfboard fences in the area! We are just a mile or so from the most famous windsurfing, kite-surfing and just plain surfing area on the island.... Ho'okipa Beach.

The Maui Dharma Center.
This temple is called a Stupa. I'd like to try some of the meditations here.

Don't let this old building fool you! This is Mana Foods.... one of the best natural food stores I've ever been in! I am THRILLED to be living so close to this store! 

The one and only intersection in town. Traffic is often backed up in all three directions here.... the only drawback to living in this cool town.... lots of other people want to be here too!

The BEST fish on the island... right here! The other night we walked into town, got some yummy fish to go (fish tacos, fish n' chips, and salad with blackened ahi), took it back to our place and enjoyed a delicious fish feast!

After we finished our little walking tour, we hopped in the car and drove less than 10 minutes to a lovely little beach in Sprecklesville. People here call it "Baby beach" as it's fully protected by a reef that creates an amazing, safe place to swim and play.
We are certainly enjoying this little corner of the world. As this year draws to a close we feel so blessed and so thankful for the amazing year we've had. So many new friends, new experiences, a summer spent with old friends and family.... a life so full of love and blessings.... we are so grateful for our beautiful life!

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