Monday, March 4, 2013

Beautiful Maui!

We have been enjoying all that this beautiful island has to offer.... beauty and natural wonders abound! Here is a little photo overview of this past week:

We spent an amazing morning at this beach at the very south end of Kihei. When we arrived, there was a big pod of spinner dolphins swimming very close to shore! We jumped on boogie boards and paddled out. They were jumping and spinning and really interacting with all the people on kayaks, paddle boards, and those swimming. They stayed around for at least 20 minutes. So fun!
Then we spent ages exploring these wonderful tide pools.  

A brittle star.

Lots of urchins, brittle stars, anemones, crabs, fish and other creatures!

We are blessed to have a lovely grassy park right behind our house. We spend hours there riding bikes, playing ball, flying kites, kicking a soccer ball. Such a great space!

I picked up this little t-ball stand, bat and ball at a garage sale. We've had so much fun with it! Unfortunately, the stand itself got hit so many times, it finally cracked and broke!

Bella and Zara had fun with foam rollers last week. They were thrilled with the magical transformation of straight hair into curly hair!

There's a paved path all the way around the park. Bella just started riding without training wheels about 2 weeks ago and is loving the freedom of it!

Taking a little break.

We live very close to the famous windsurfing and surfing beach called Ho'okipa. There are lots of sea turtles that swim in the surf there and many of them come up onto the beach to rest. It's such a privilege to see these large, majestic animals up close. 

This past weekend I spent some time in this gorgeous grove of rainbow eucalyptus. John had been for a hike that had ended up here. When he got home he highly recommended that I go for a drive to see them. So I went, ALONE!!, and just soaked up the energy of these beauties. When I got back he asked "Did you hug them?" I said "Yes! How did you know?" How could I help myself? 

We are enjoying every moment of life on Maui!


  1. I am sure you are enjoying everyday life and soaking up all the sites and smells knowing that you are leaving soon. I know I can't wait to go back and visit, even if you are not there in Paia. So glad we visited you on Molokai and Maui so we can enter into your time spent there.
    hugs,jb xo

  2. Cool! I haven't try to touch a real life turtle. Wish I can also have the same experience like you. Thanks for sharing.

    Canadian Visa

  3. Awesome Experience!!! I think you really enjoyed.I would love to visit this place.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great!I really want to see the big turtle like that.Thanks for sharing.