Friday, January 27, 2012

Enjoying the moment

It never fails to amaze me how much the beaches here can change from day to day. Last week we were at our current favorite beach (pictured in the previous post), enjoying a quiet, mellow day with the kids in the tide pools. The next day we went back and it was a very different scene! The waves were much bigger and there was a waterslide leading from the top pool to the bottom pool, which was now about four feet deep. It wasn't so safe for the little kids, but us older ones certainly enjoyed it!

A big wave pouring over into the bottom pool.

Bella and Thor just couldn't be left out of the fun, so they stripped down and jumped in for a quick dip during a smaller set of waves.

Just a few days before this the kids were moaning about how much they were missing H2O, the pool and aquatic center in our old neighborhood. Who needs a pool when you've got a waterslide and natural aquatic park at the local beach?! No chlorine and it's free!

The fun at this beach lasted a couple of weeks altogether, and now the tide pools are buried under a couple feet of sand! A good reminder to enjoy each moment! Life is changing each day as well. We never know what the next day will hold so let's just enjoy each moment!


  1. Yes!! So true!

    Looks like a great little beach you have! The ocean is so healing and cleansing - the H2O not so much ;-) What a fun adventure!

  2. oooh! love this! thanks for the great visual reminder! xoxo

  3. that looks like so much fun! Aren't you lucky to have the ocean so close by!