Sunday, January 29, 2012

Last week in pictures

This past week we were the lucky recipients of some new (to us) outdoor play things. Some of our new friends had a trampoline and teeter totter to pass along and the kids are LOVING them! Our formerly empty yard has been turned into a private playground!

They have spent so many hours on the trampoline already and we are all so happy that they have something fun to do outside!

Zara having fun!

Bella and I got our hair cut short last week. I was concerned that Bella would regret it once she went so short but she was determined that this was what she wanted and she's been loving it. We've had 3 weeks of calm windless days, but the wind is back and we are so happy to not have hair blowing in our faces!

We're the short haired chicks in our family and Thor now has the 2nd longest hair out of us 5!

Such a cute little pixie!

Some of our good friends took us out on a boat last week and it was wonderful to be out on the ocean for the first time (besides the ferry to Maui). We saw humpbacks, sea turtles and a big manta ray.

John found this little guy while moving some rocks around. At first he thought it was a huge worm, but upon closer inspection realized it was a tiny snake! It must have been a snake that lived underground as his eyes were barely visible. Thor loved it and played with it for ages. At one point he finally put it down on the deck and it wriggled through the cracks and fell down below - much to the snake's relief I'm sure!

Some up-to-date photos of the garden.
 John took the opportunity during these past calm weeks to put up some windbreaks. The plants will now be more protected and hopefully the soil won't dry out so quickly.

We all enjoyed a break from the wind... the plants as well as us humans. It felt like we could finally relax deeply rather than bracing ourselves against the force of the wind. We're all thriving and growing and blossoming!


  1. Yay! How lovely to have been gifted the trampoline and teeter totter... I know your 3 will enjoy them immensely.

    Weird looking snake. J and G once discovered an underground snake in the Okanagan. Again it looked similar to a worm with teeny eyes. I'm sure Thor was fascinated with the little fellow just as my guys were.

    Your garden is looking amazing! So is it windy there quite often? Does it mean you have to water your garden a lot to keep it from drying out?

    Love the haircuts! Bella does look like a pixie - cute as can be. Love the pic of you and her, nose to nose. Adorable.

  2. so great that you have a playground in your yard now! The kids will be loving that, and you too :) Bella looks so cute with her hair short! sure changes her look. The garden is looking good, the wind breaks should make a big difference! Looks like you've settled into life nicely in the 4 months you've been there.