Monday, March 12, 2012

Island adventures!

We just got back from a week long adventure on Kauai! We're still trying to dry out after the heaviest rainfall I've ever seen. We went over there to meet up with my friend Lana and her family from Vancouver Island. They came to escape the rain! Unfortunately for them and the thousands of other tourists in the Hawaiian Islands last week, the Universe had other plans. Kauai got hit the hardest by the tropical storm, with flooding, flash floods, landslides, road and bridge closures, lightening and thunder storms that lit up the sky ALL night long... it was pretty exciting! We didn't mind as it was an interesting change from our lovely Molokai winter weather, but many others were not so amused. We spent much of the first few days inside doing puzzles, visiting, drinking tea and bailey's, trying to stay warm and dry while listening to the storm outside.

We did get a few little breaks in the weather and made the most of it when we could get outside. The most "touristy" thing we did was go to the Smith Family Luau. We all loved it! A big Hawaiian Luau feast... the sweet and sour mahi mahi was delicious... then a great show with traditional dancing from all the different Polynisian/South Pacific cultures that have settled these islands.

The peacocks were there to greet us!

LOVE those colors!

Strutting his stuff!

The kids had fun running around and exploring.

We did have one glorious, sunny day that we spent on the beach in Poipu (south part of the island) with our dear friends Sam and Summer. They have just moved from Molokai to Kauai and we are missing them! So it was wonderful to spend a day with them catching up, playing on the beach and soaking up the sunshine.

Just before we left the beach, two humpback whales decided to put on a show! They breached(together) about 5 or 6 times. Then they did some tail and fin slapping before swimming slowly away. It was spectacular. The energy on the beach was just electric as everyone ooohh'd and aaahh'd and gasped in delight! A magical day at the beach!

Good friends... Summer and Zara.

After the beach, Sam and Summer showed us their new home. (They hope to move in sometime this week). We stopped on the way up to admire a waterfall - the waterfalls all over the island were incredible.... just GUSHING after all the rain. So beautiful!

This was the one photo we got of the kids and I while we were there!

Thor had fun chasing the feral chickens and roosters! There was a hurricane on Kauai a number of years back, and many of the chickens escaped in the storm. They continue to multiply and are absolutely EVERYWHERE on the island!

After a yummy Thai food dinner together, Summer came home with us for a sleepover. Another storm hit that night and none of us slept very well! We woke the next morning to find that the bridge east of us (between us in Princeville and Summer's folks in Kapaa) was closed... AGAIN... due to another landslide in the night. So we did what we had been doing lots of that week.... we watched TV and ate lots of good food!

Thank goodness there were two TV's in the condo! No fighting over what to watch!

Sam and Bill were able to pick up Summer late in the afternoon once the bridge re-opened. Zara was so sad to say good-bye to her sweet friend. Just as they were leaving, Lana and her family joined us for a soak in the hot tub and some quick dips in the (very cold) pool. It was so nice to spend time with them. I cherished the girlfriend time with Lana and Sam, and the kids enjoyed playing with good friends. It was a great trip, inspite of the rain and stormy weather. The weather certainly didn't stop us from falling in love with Kauai!

And having good friends there will draw us back again soon!
(Sam and I)

After sitting in the Lihue airport for 5 hours due to a cancelled flight, we finally arrived home.... to MORE friends! Donna and Mike (from Kelowna) and kids and au pairs were waiting for us at our place with dinner on the table. It's so fun to have them here on Molokai!

Sitting outside watching the sunset.

And what a sunset it was!

John read the kids some bedtime stories while we finished up the dishes.
 And a great night was had by all!! We feel so blessed to be spending time with friends.

While I was in Kauai with the kids, John was on his own adventure down in Kalaupapa (the former leper colony) where Mom and Dad and I did our mule trip in December. He spent 3 1/2 days down there with a friend who works for the National Park and thoroughly enjoyed it!

All is well in our world! Aloha!

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  1. Hi jacq,
    Looks like you had fun in Kauai in spite of the weather! Now you will be enjoying busy days with Donna and family! love and hugs XO jb