Friday, February 17, 2012

The best part of my life

Last week we received a wonderful "care package" from my sister Leah with all sorts of sweet surprises, one of them being a CD of new music for me! We share a love for music with beautiful harmonies and she recently discovered a group called Red Molly - 3 women with incredibly sweet voices. While I've been enjoying all of their songs, one jumps out as my absolute favorite.... "May I Suggest" is an acapella number that I just can't get enough of! You won't regret taking a few minutes to listen to the song on You Tube. The song says "May I suggest this is the best part of your life...." I've been very aware lately of living in the present moment and this song just resonates with me... this truly is the best part of my life, because it's the only part! Right now is all we have. Let's make the most of it.

Some of the things I'm loving about right now....

Fresh plumeria crowns and the sweet kids wearing them!

We've stopped by the plumeria flower farm a few times since we've been here, and everytime the owners have been so generous and accomodating. This last time he let us pick our own flowers.... as many as we wanted for $5! We made lei for Gram and Gramps and crowns for the kids.

Fresh tomatoes from the garden. This is my new favorite.... a pineapple tomato...

 so sweet and yummy!

Rainbows this morning! We haven't seen any for about a month. It's been an unusually dry winter.

The kids playing "I spy" this morning while eating raisons. It makes my heart sing to see them playing so peacefully. As they get older, they are getting more creative in the ways they play together and spend more time enjoying each other's company.

Checking out the honey bees on the sunflowers... the record was 5 bees on one flower! Oh, and do you see the irrigation in the garden? Yay! No more hand watering!

Bella ready to go into town, sporting her new bag from A. Leah! She loves it!

Gram and Gramps (John's folks) took the kids into town today. The kids gave them a tour of the Macadamia nut farm, Coffee's of Hawaii, and the lookout on their way in! They were gone all day... which means I had a whole day to myself! I sewed pa'u skirts with my friend Annie, did some other sewing, practiced hula, had a quiet, relaxing lunch, listened to Red Molly, harvested beets and carrots from the garden, made a big pot of borscht, baked fresh bread.... it was a great day!

This is definitely the best part of my life!


  1. great photos, as usual! fun to see little bits of your life, and to see how the kids are changing! Glad Bella loves the bag and you are loving Red Molly! Thor's hair looks really cute long, and he's looking more like John! xo

  2. Beautiful flowers, tomatoes and kids :) Bella is getting BROWN...
    Love your lush garden...
    hugs, jb

  3. okay, i want to know just this: can you listen to that song without crying? i can't. oooh. beautiful. want to start every morning with that song in my ears!!! good on ya for recognizing that THIS (whatEVER this is!!!) IS the best. xoxo

  4. Wow, beautiful Jacqueline! Beautiful photos, beautiful children! You must be having so much fun!
    One question, a little out of context: do you follow any particular curriculum for schooling, or are you of the 'unschooling' mind? Thanks amiga!