Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sweet family time - part 2

A month has already gone by since my sisters surprised me (by arriving with my mom) at the airport for a birthday visit... the beginning of two weeks of wonderful family time! I posted photos from the first week here. The day before my sisters left, my dad and nephew, Jasper, arrived for the 2nd week. We had so much fun! It's all just sweet memories now but I'm so thankful for the time we spent together.

4x4ing into Kawakiu.... one of our favorite beaches!

Snorkeling, playing in the sand, bocci ball, collecting shells, eating mangos... a great morning!

Music and hula at Coffee's of Hawaii

Dinner out at Hotel Moloka'i

We spent a good part of a day exploring the east side of the island. Stopped for a swim and playtime at mile marker 20. Snorkelling, swimming, playing, running, relaxing....

The island of Lana'i in the background.

We got lunch to go at the only little cafe on the east side. Took it into a beach on a magical little lagoon and spent some time enjoying and exploring the area.

Visited a mango orchard on the way home and feasted on mangos! They were just going out of season when we arrived in the fall, so we are thoroughly enjoying them now that they are back in season. Ripe, juicy, sweet.... yummy!

We hiked into the old tent camp with Dad and Jasper one morning. We found lots of beautiful shells and a little gecko who released it's tail in Zara's hand!

A glorious sunset...
And then before we knew it, we were saying good-bye! The 2nd week flew by as quickly as the first... so many good times.... boogie boarding, building in the sand, ping pong tournaments, hanging out together ... wonderful memories.

Zara had been looking forward to Jasper coming for months. She'd been making a list of all the things she wanted to do while he was here. She couldn't wait to show him "her" island. Hike to the old tent camp, go to the old harbour (Hale o Lono), go to the east side, have lunch at Mana'e's Goods and Grindz, work at the library together, laugh, play, hang out and talk.... they did it all! It absolutely filled her up to have her cousin here. She's been missing her friends back home so much and it was such a treat to spend time with her special cousin/friend.

Saying good-bye wasn't SO hard this time as soon we'll be back "home" with our friends and family. We booked our tickets today.... 7 more weeks on this beautiful island. I'm going to enjoy every last moment of it! xoxo

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  1. Ooo, missing the ocean!! Beautiful pictures!! And those mangos look delicious!