Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tie dye and green things!

I LOVE tie dye! I love the creative process and the finished product... I love the colors all mixed together and playing off each other. We had fun tie dying a few days ago. I had a whole bunch of onesies and other white items from a project that never quite got off the ground, so we finally made the time to turn them into something gorgeous! A friend on the island is having her first baby in August, so we did all the onesies for her. 

A rainbow on the clothesline! This skirt is my new favorite.

They love their new clothes! They pulled them off the line and couldn't wait to wear them.
 I grew up jumping on the tramp with water in the summer but we have to very careful with how much water we use here. I think we are just more conscious of water usage in general. So this was a rare treat... actually the first time ever I think. So fun on a hot day!

We've been enjoying green smoothies almost daily.... mango, bananas, frozen coconut milk and loads of fresh kale and spinich! Add a couple tablespoons of the "tropical vega smoothie" protein powder and it's a powerhouse! Not to mention absolutely delicious! And they make great mustaches.

Last week we replanted the herb garden boxes. There's not a lot of soil in these boxes so we haven't had great success, but we tried again! Lots of herbs and flowers.... we've seen a few sprouts so far.

Zara made a map of the herb garden and wrote down everything that we planted.

Pineapples growing in the garden. John has been planting most of the tops from the pineapples we eat... we've got quite a plantation going on! This one above was planted a couple of years ago, but the one below with Thor was just planted since we got here. They usually take a few years to produce. Very fun to watch the process.

It's been a great week! Aloha!

Note: Has anyone else using blogger been having issues getting the spacing right? My spacing on  my published blog posts never looks like it does when I'm posting. It always turns my single space into a double or removes the space altogether. If anyone has any ideas or hints on how to get the spacing to be accurate I would be so grateful. Thank you!

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  1. What beautiful tie dye you all have done! I'm loving each and every one of the patterns! I especially adore the heart shirt - I think I might have to try and make one too!

    I never really thought about how pineapples grow, but how interesting to see one growing!! I wish we could grow them here. I was eating pineapple with every meal when we were in the DR, and I felt great!

    Thanks for sharing!