Thursday, June 28, 2012

Life in these islands

Oh my, it's been ages since I've posted!  We're down to our last few weeks here in this magical place and life has been quite busy. Purging, packing, organizing... the usual! I had planned to do a post reflecting on our time here, but decided to post some photos of the last few weeks instead. Will get to that other post soon I hope!

The kids (and my cousin Troy!) had fun making masks at a workshop at our local library. 

Dancing hula... a common past time around here!

Making ice cream (actually frozen yogurt) with our dear friend Julie.

Bella at dance class.... she is loving it!

My hula halau danced at a Kupuna fair (Senior's fair) last week as part of the lunchtime entertainment. We wore the skirts that my hula friend and I made this winter. And I made the lei that we all wore, with plumerias picked from trees at the nearby condos.

A few of the halua were "off island" as they say here, and a few others are here for the winter only so we were a smaller group. That's DJ, my kumu hula (teacher) on the right in the black. 

Sorting through our beautiful shell collection! Each shell is a treasure and a gift... was hard to choose which to keep and which to leave behind. 

This sweet little pineapple was grown in our garden! The wind blew it off it's plant so Thor brought it in and we cut it open and ate it!

We're making the most of our last weeks here.... spending time with friends, enjoying the beauty of this place. Life continues to be beautiful!

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  1. Wow. Always so much to comment on in your posts, Jacqueline!
    So good to see your adventures and your beautiful smiling faces. Really appreciate you sharing with us.

    Love the hula skirts! Your group looks so lovely wearing them.