Saturday, June 30, 2012

Looking for baby honu

One of our favorite sea creatures here in Hawaii is the sea turtle, (honu in Hawaiian) and we are always thrilled when we see one. This is the time of year they come up on the beaches to dig their nests and lay their eggs. There is a beach on the north side of the island called Mo'omomi that seems to be the main place they make their nests and this morning we had the privilege of going out there with a volunteer to monitor them. The nests were all marked and there were lots of visible turtle tracks. We were hoping to see babies or at least the tracks of the hatchlings, but no luck this time! We had a wonderful morning though and felt very blessed to be there.

Two big nests right beside each other. The sticks were numbered, marking each one.

Being on the north side, this beach is the catch-all for any plastic floating by.... it's distressing to see and makes me feel even more committed to limiting the amount of plastic in our lives. We are hoping to go out again next week with trash bags!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! Aloha!

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