Friday, February 3, 2012

This and that!

No rhyme or reason to this post... no theme.... just our last few days in pictures!

Watching the waves at our favorite beach (Kepuhi Beach)

Little pixie girl

We didn't swim that day but it was amazing to watch! I never get tired of watching the waves.

Thor's little friend - he's becoming the gecko whisperer.

I LOVE tropical flowers. I buy them every time I go to the Saturday Market.

My latest thrift store purchase. Not sure what I'll do with it, but couldn't leave it in the store!

My makeshift sewing area! An old ironing board frame covered with a beach towel does the job! It feels good to be sewing again. So far I've done some alterations on that dress in the photo (for hula performances) and made myself a new "pa'u" skirt for hula practice. Will post of photo of it sometime soon. I bought some fabric while in Maui in December, so have a few things to work on.

A tropical smoothie ready to blend - mango, banana, pineapple. passionfruit and frozen coconut milk. Yum!

Bread ready to go into the woodfire oven.

It's been a good week!


  1. love the random photos! nice sewing area, I'm sure you are happy to be doing that again! The picture of Bella is priceless!! She looks a lot like you as a kid there!

  2. Bella's haircut is so cute:) I love that first pic, looks like a magazine! we can't live without our vitamix!! glad to see you're still sewing:)

  3. The photos of Bella could be postcards. The colours are so vibrant!

    Happy to see your sewing area. I'm certain you're enjoying it.

    How fun that Thor has become the 'gecko whisperer'.