Thursday, February 9, 2012


The last 2 weeks have been busy with friends, Curtis and Amanda,visiting us from home. Curtis is a fantastic gardener and was a great help in the garden. They both enjoyed the fresh food and the warm weather! Their visit went quickly and before we knew it we were saying good-bye!

The kids are enjoying having their own headlamps. (Hooray for free shipping from REI!) We use them a lot here as we try not to have lights on much at night, and they end up being our reading lights. We also use them when we go outside to see the stars making sure we don't step on a centipede.

This in my new pa'u skirt for hula practice. I got the fabric on Maui in December and enjoyed sewing it up this past week. It's just 4 yards of fabric with six rows of casing around the top (with elastic in every second row of casing). Super easy to make. I have fabric to make another one as well. Yesterday one of my hula sisters and I took some swatches of fabric to our Kumu (teacher) and broached the idea of making skirts for everyone out of one lovely fabric. He loved the idea and today I ordered 64 yards of fabric for 15 skirts and some sashes for the kanes (the men). When the fabric comes in we'll be BUSY!!!

Garden fresh tomatoes! This morning I baked fresh bread so lunch was tomato and pesto sandwiches with roasted eggplant and fresh salad greens! YUM!

Yesterday the kids and I cleaned and sorted the puka shells we've been collecting.

I've had fun making some simple little bracelets for the kids and I. There is a woman at the Saturday Market who sells all sorts of beads and beading supplies. I've been able to get everything I need for making jewelry from her.

We are enjoying some quiet days and getting ready for John's folks to arrive early next week. We're all happy and healthy and enjoying life to the fullest. Aloha! 


  1. Beautiful skirt, Jacqueline! How exciting that you were able to order fabric to have everyone matching. I look forward to seeing that!

    So good to hear you've had friends visiting and will soon have John's parents with you. Your life in Hawaii is looking busy and full of goodness. I'm so happy for you!

  2. What a charming life you've created for your darling family! I found you through Heather and am so glad that I did! Your blog is full of interesting, informative things. Simply beautiful!

    Warm wishes from Kansas!